by Winnie

Rating- PG13 for one 'bad word.'
Comments- This is in response to Anne’s traitorous challenge for me to write a Chris-lessVin fic....<sigh>...She’s so bad.....Hope you enjoy it Anne.





Vin paced the outer office waiting to see what this place held for him. He couldn’t believe it. After five years with the ATF he’d been transferred! Transferred! Him! No longer the cream of the crop as a sharpshooter. How could this have happened?


“Mr. Tanner you can go in now,” the uninterested woman said as she pointed to the Captain’s office. She watched as the young man reluctantly walked to the door and knocked.


Vin swallowed the lump in his throat, hating the idea that he was starting all over again at the bottom of the rung. He remembered the jokes and teasing as a rookie at the ATF offices and now he was going to have to put up with them all over again. He pulled open the door frowning as he looked at the three men seated in the office. “I’m here to see Macy Kobacek,” Tanner said, gasping at the dynamic trio sitting in the room.


“That would be me,” one of the men said, standing and pointing to a seat between two other men. “The man on your left is Brent Marken and on your right is Mathew McRae. Sit down!”


“You fellas must be related,” Tanner said as he sank into his chair. ‘Transferred!’ he thought as the trio watched him closely.


“We are...everyone at this precinct is! You’ll find Robert Bly at the desk beside the door. The man at the water cooler is Tony Luca. We even have our own doctor, Charles Raynor and a wonderful lawyer named Anthony Fraser.”


Vin turned and looked out the door. This was turning out to be his worst nightmare all because he’d missed one damn shot and been transferred into the twilight zone.


“Now, Mr. Tanner, are you ready to become a Stepford Cop? Or would you prefer to be terminated?” Kobacek asked, grinning malevolently as the longhaired Texan began shaking his head.




“You really don’t have a choice. This is the uniform face of the day...You either become one of us or you’re transferred to the next station and believe me you don’t want that!”


“Why...can’t be any worse than this?”


“Wanna bet?” Kobacek asked as the music from Psycho echoed through the office. “The next stop is Urkel land. Pull up those pants and pick up your suspenders at the outer desk!”


“NO!” Tanner screamed as he sat up in bed. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and slid his legs over the edge of the bed. Rubbing at sleep-drenched eyes the Texan shook his head. “What a fuckin’ nightmare!” he hissed as he reached for the light switch. His eyes widened as he spotted the paper on his dresser.


“No...” he thought as he picked it up. Five words were written across it...words that sent the young man back into the nightmare world.


Transferred----Report to Macy Kobacek!



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