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"I am the guardian of power, not its owner."   Vicente Fox


The guardian angel, Michael, solemnly stood in the shadows of the trees.  His gaze fixated on the house with a front porch.  Inside sleeping were a woman and her young son unaware of what was about to happen.  'Maybe the men will change their minds,' hoped the angel. Just the thought of two innocent lives lost made his stomach turn.  He didn't agree with the decision to let this happen but if was going to, the least he could do was be there to stand guard and offer a  prayer.


Unfortunately that was not the case.  Michael glared as the three men on horseback arrived.  Dismounting a distance from the buildings as not to wake the occupants, two men headed up to the house while the third stood watch by the horses.  The angel observed in silence as the two men stormed the house; the woman's screams echoed through the quiet evening.  It was a few minutes later when the two strangers quickly emerged and then proceeded to set the house on fire.


"You're not trying to stop this, are you?" asked fellow angel, David, after he instantly appeared by Michael's side. 


Michael glared at his coworker.  "No." Clearly he did not like being 'checked on.'


"Good . . . because we have strict orders that tonight's events should proceed as planned," continued David. 


"I know . . . I know," grumbled Michael.  "It doesn't mean I have to like it though. . ."  He had already received the command from up above that Sarah and Adam Larabee would perish tonight and no one should interfere. 


David nodded in understanding as the third man who stood watch by the horses decided he could take no more of this horrendous act and jumped on his horse and rode away.


The flames quickly overtook the wooden structure and Michael closed his eyes.


"Does it seem odd to you that we're guardian angels but yet we can not protect these two innocents?" whispered Michael.


"Sometimes we don't understand why he makes the decisions that he does but we have to believe that he knows what is best," said David quietly.


"I find it hard to believe that this," started Michael as he gestured to the burning house, "is for the good..."


"That is what I thought too," said David as he nodded in agreement.  "And why I went to him and made a plea that Sarah and Adam Larabee should live."


Michael glanced over at his friend, surprised by his admission.  "What did he say?  Would he change his mind?" The angel was already formulating a plan on how he could save the woman and boy.  Unfortunately his friend's single syllable response crushed all hope.




Michael swore softly, something very uncharacteristic for an angel.


David ignored his friend's unexpected outburst as he explained, "He said that tonight is a pivotal moment in what is to come in the future.  It is because of tonight's events, the death of his wife and son, that sets Chris Larabee on his path; a course that will lead him to six men who will become like brothers to him.  And that these seven men will stand up for justice, fight evil, and will save many lives.  Because of their magnificent deeds they will become legends." Glancing over at his friend, he continued, "And it all hinges on this one moment."


"It still doesn't make this easy," stated Michael somberly.  "But I guess I need to have faith and say a little prayer. . ."


"You know, my friend, he said they had to die tonight but he didn't say how," stated David softly.


Michael glanced over at his friend.  "What are you thinking?"


"There is no need for them to suffer, correct?" he asked.


"True," said Michael as he glanced back at the burning building.


The Angel of Death, Ezekiel, appeared by his fellow angels.  "I think you may need my help," he said.  He had been waiting for the right moment to appear. 


"Ezekiel," said Michael.  "Took you long enough."


"Michael . . . David," said the stoic angel, ignoring his friend's snide comment as he stepped forward, his gaze on the fire. 


"They're inside . . . a woman and a young boy . . ." explained Michael.


"Yes, I know," said Ezekiel.  Glancing back at the worried angel, he said, "Don't worry . . . they will suffer no more."  Instantly he was gone, reappearing in the smoked-filled bedroom.  On the floor were the unconscious woman and her little boy barely awake, clinging to her.  Tears stained his face as he coughed from the heavy smoke. "Momma . . . wake up. . ." urged Adam weakly.


Wasting no time, Ezekiel walked over to the mother and son and knelt by them.  Reaching out he rested a hand on both.  "Rest in peace," he whispered as he released their souls to heaven.  Glancing upward as if he could see the night sky through the burning roof, he murmured, "Safe travels. . ." 


When the Angel of Death reappeared outside by his fellow coworkers, David asked, "Done?"


"Yes . . . they are now safe. . ." said Ezekiel.


As the house collapsed from the roaring flames, the three angels disappeared to report back. 


Deciding they would tag along with Ezekiel, Michael and David followed the Angel of Death to the bookkeeper, the Angel who was responsible for keeping track of arriving souls.


Ezekiel stopped before the large wooden desk, Michael and David standing behind him. 


Looking up from his paperwork, Castiel paused in his writing.  "I assume since you are here the job is done."


"It is," replied Ezekiel. 


"Why the company?" asked Castiel as he gestured to Michael and David who were standing behind the Angel of Death.


"They had taken a special interest in this case," explained Ezekiel.


Castiel raised an eyebrow, intrigued by his fellow angel's concern for these humans.  Glancing down at his files, he read, "The first assignment is complete and Sarah and Adam Larabee have arrived.  Other angels have been dispatched to take care of the other six." 


Ezekiel nodded as Castiel returned to his job, clearly dismissing his fellow angels. 


7 7 7 7 7 7 7


Over two years later Michael watched as a very drunk and angry Chris Larabee drown his sorrows in yet another bottle of whiskey.  If the man continued on this path he won't make it to the big day where he meets the other six men.  'Whenever that might be,' he thought.  'How much longer will it be?'  Only HE knew but Michael was starting to get impatient as well as tired of watching Chris Larabee on his destructive path of grief and revenge.  Hopefully the next town of Four Corners will have better luck. . .





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