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A BOWL OF SCORPIONS (ATF AU) by Sarah- PG-13. Some recipes are better than others.
A HEALING LOVE (ATF AU/SLASH) by Roxy and Jamie- Buck and Vin. After suffering a traumatic, physical attack, a true and healing love helps Vin to recovery.
A LETTER TO THE EDITOR (ATF AU) by Sarah- PG-13. Buck learns the hard way he shouldn't believe everything he reads.
A LITTLE BIT OF GUIDANCE (OW) by Lanna. Josiah gets a visitor seeking guidance in the surprising form of Chris Larabee.
A LITLE HELP FROM UP ABOVE - (OW) by Barb. A challenge response for the Guardian Angel Series using the story ON YOUR HORSES, BOYS
A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON - by Jackie. (ATF AU) Four of the boys break down on a desert highway.  This was originally for the Mag7 Daybook Bingo Prompt – Sweltering Heat.
A PARENT'S LOVE (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Manhunt.'
A PROMISE TO KEEP (OW) by Kate- Missing scene for 'One Day Out West.'
A TALE OF THE SEASONS (OW) by Jackie- JD tells Casey about the seasons back East.  Written for Round 2 of the DW Mag7 Daybook Bingo – Prompt “Spring Fever.”
A TEST OF FRIENDSHIP - OW by Jackie. Chris and Buck experience the strength of true friendship.
A WICKED ACCENT (ATF Universe) by Sarah- On a boring day at the office, the boys all discuss JD's Boston background.
AFTER (ATF AU) by Sarah- Sequel to GONE WRONG.
ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT (ATF AU) by Sarah- Ezra and Vin run into a serious situation while on the drive home from a stakeout.
AND SOMETIMES THEY WIN (ATF AU) by Sarah- This continues the story started in GONE WRONG and AFTER.  Ezra is continuing to have difficulty adjusting to his situation, and the boys are starting to notice.
ANKLE DEEP (ATF AU) by Jordan McKenzie- An argument results in a night of passion and leads to a discovery neither combatant expects. (ADULT FICTION)
BABY TALES: THE SHOWER - (Little Britches AU, ATF era) by LaraMee- This is the first installment in a series focusing on the arrival of a new member of the “family” that includes the men of the Magnificent Seven.
BLOOD LUST (Firm Universe) by Winnie- Chris becomes an irresistable feast for a modern day vampire.
BROKEN (ATF AU) by Sarah- Ezra is on the receiving end of a gunrunner's wrath.
BUCK'S GREAT WEEK (ATF AU) by KathyM - Is the universe conspiring against Buck and his lady friend?
CASTING STONES- (OW) by Barb- a Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Working Girls.'
CAT AND MOUSE (ATF AU) by Maggie- Ezra goes undercover on what appears to be a routine assignment but ends up in the middle of a deadly game of revenge. (ADULT FICTION.)
CHASING SIGNALS (ATF AU) by Jackie- Chris and Vin are stranded in the mountains. Will they get out before it's too late?
CHOICES (OW) by Winnie- Some choices are hard to make.
CHRISTMAS PRESENCE (OW) by Winnie. A Christmas fic featuring Chris and Vin.
CHRISTMAS REMEMBERED (ATF AU) by Kate Standish- Ezra and Vin are stranded far from home on Christmas Eve.
COFFEE, IN HINDSIGHT  (ATF AU) by Sarah. Buck often tells stories about a 'chris-of-old'.  This is my take on what that man would be like.  I've been told it needs a hanky warning.
CONFRONTING DEMONS (Old West) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Nemesis.'
CONTROL (ATF AU) by Sarah- It's all about control... or the loss thereof. (ADULT FICTION.) 2009 Ezzie Award Winner for Best ATF Het Short Story!
COURTING LOCARD (ATF AU) by Jordan McKenzie- From Principle to Passion. Who knew science could be so... très stimulant? (ADULT FICTION)
CULMINATION (ATF AU) by Kate- Vin receives a little prodding from Ezra.
DALLIANCE (ATF AU) by Sue M- JD gets to 'sow some wild oats.' (ADULT FICTION)
DEADLY OBSESSION (THE FIRM AU) by Winnie - This story deals with the deaths of Sarah and Adam and the repercussions that follow. (ADULT FICTION)
DON'T KNOW FROM ADAM (Old West) by Jordan McKenzie- "Inmate 78" rewritten. Ezra attempts to rescue an imprisoned Chris but things go terribly wrong. Our gambler not only suffers the wrath of the warden, but he finds himself hopelessly trapped in a place where his leader and friend has lost his mind.
ESCAPE FROM BEIRUT (Firm AU) by Winnie- Featuring Chris and Buck before the Team was created.
EYES OF A STRANGER (Old West) by Maggie LeMay- There's a woman Chris should be afraid of running into... he just doesn't know it yet.
FIGHTING THE INEVITABLE (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'The New Law.'
FOLLOW THE WIND BY VIN TANNER by KathyM. A Magnificent Seven Poem.
FRIEND (OW) by ssinco- An old friend of Buck's comes to Four Corners. What should be a fun visit leads to all to all sorts of trouble for the boys.
FURTHERANCE (ATF AU) by Sarah- When Team Seven executes a raid on a moonshiner, things don't exactly go as planned. 2010 Ezzie Award Winner for Best ATF Gen Novella
GUARDIAN ANGEL (OW) by Lisa- Do you ever wonder how the Seven manage to survive their adventures?
GONE WRONG (ATF Universe) by Sarah- During a preliminary meeting, Ezra and Buck face what happens when their cover is blown. 
HAPPY 4TH, COWBOY (Firm Universe) by Pamela- A Fourth of July cebration lands Chris in the emergency room.
HOBSON'S CHOICE (Old West) by Jordan McKenzie- A character from ON YOUR HORSES, BOYS returns to lend Chris a hand.
HOLD ON, MR. LARABEE (OW) by Jackie- Chasing after horse thieves leads to nothing but trouble for Chris, Buck, Ezra and Vin.
IF I COULD SEE THE MOON (ATF AU) by Maggie LeMay- A sad memory yanks Ezra a decade into the past. (A personal tribute to Matt Sluder.)
IN SPADES (ATF AU) by Sarah- When Ezra is undercover, the stress starts ratcheting up, and there are hintings from outsiders that Ezra may be walking a fine line between law and lawlessness.
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (THE FIRM AU) by Winnie- Chris finds out what life would be like for the others had he never been born. 
JAGUARS, KITTENS AND HOLES IN THE ROAD (ATF AU) by Sarah- Vin, Ezra and a little friend.
JUST A LITTLE MORE GUIDANCE (OW) by Lanna- The aftermath of Chris’ visit to the Church. The sequel to A LITTLE BIT OF GUIDANCE .
JUST DESSERTS by Maggie LeMay- Ezra helps himself to dessert. (ADULT FICTION.)
JUSTICE IS SERVED (ATF AU) by Maggie - Justice is best served... in an elevator? (ADULT FICTION.)
KITTEN SCRATCH FEVER (ATF AU) by Sarah- Another round of fun with Tye. This time, Chris meets Tye. And poor Ezra is sick.
LADY OUTLAWS (OW) by Josette Smith- Three female outlaws wreak havoc for Chris and Ezra.
LEFT BEHIND (ATF) by Jackie- Chris and JD are stranded on a deserted island.  This was a WEC challenge that was originally posted on Daybook.
LIONS AND TIGERS AND KITTENS (ATF) by Sarah-. Back by popular demand, Tye meets more of the boys.  Immediately follows "Jaguars, Kittens and Holes in the Road."
MAGNIFICENT TALISMANS (OW) by Lisa- This is a series of drabbles written from the point of view of various items our heroes draw comfort from.
MISCHIEF  (ATF AU) by Sarah- Ezra, Vin, Buck and a cemetery.  This can't end well...
NOBODY'S HOME  by Barb- This is the first entry into the AU Barb dubbed ‘Special Unit Seven’, which is a combination of Supernatural and an old show called Special Unit Two (although characters from that show are mentioned in here this will not be a crossover).
 NOT A GAME  (ATF AU) by Kathy M- Sometimes things just happen.
OF THE UNCOMMON  (ATF) by Sarah- Who knew a squirrel had such attitude... certainly not Ezra.
ON YOUR HORSES, BOYS  (Old West) by Jordan McKenzie- A rewrite of the ending of VENDETTA. The threat of "excruciating pain" becomes a reality for both Ezra and Chris! 2009 Ezzie Award Winner for Best Old West Gen Novel!
PIECES  (ATF AU) by Sarah- This takes place after the events in "Broken". I couldn't help but wonder about what happened to Ezra while he waited alone. What would he have thought about?
PRESERVING THE FLOCK  (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'One Day Out West.'
REDEMPTION FOR THE LOST  (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Ghosts of the Confederacy.'
SABBATICAL (OW) by ssinco. What could possibly go wrong when Ezra, sporting a broken arm, and two of his also-healing associates, take a trip to San Francisco? Written in response to the Gamblers and Gunfighters Facebook 'Photo Inspiration' Fanfic Challenge.
SAVING GRACE  (Old West) by Jeanette Alice Ann- Ezra finds more than expected on a trip home.
SHUT UP AND KISS ME  (The Firm AU) by Winnie- Written in response to Rhonda’s challenge on the Het list. Using the sentence “Shut up and kiss me”. (ADULT FICTION)
SIGHT UNSEEN  (Old West) by Maggie LeMay- Chris and Ezra fall victim to an unknown attacker.
STORM IN THE MOUNTAINS (OW) by ssinco- Chris, Ezra, Vin, and Josiah go on the hunt of a murderous gang in the cold, harsh landscape of the Rocky Mountains.
STORM TROUBLE (OW) by ssinco- A missing boy and a prisoner transport cause trouble for the Seven.
THE CHANGELING (Firm AU) by Winnie- A Halloween story featuring Shape-Shifting Vampires.
THE DEVIL WEARS MANY FACES  (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Witness.'
THE DEVIL'S DESTINY  (OW) by Winnie- Chris Larabee becomes the target of a psychotic serial killer.
THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV Episode 'Safecracker.'
THE KITTEN'S IN THE CRADLE  (ATF AU) by Sarah- Everyone loves kittens.  Why should Josiah be any different?  A furry friend with a sympathetic ear... and the big preacher finds an outlet for his worries.
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN SAVE THE DAY (OW) by KathyM - Observations of the Seven by an outsider. 
THE STEALER OF DREAMS  (FIRM AU) by Winnie- Chris can fight the enemies he sees, but what about the ones in his dreams?
THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES (OW) by Barb- A Guardian Angel story featuring the TV episode 'Inmate 78.'
THIEF (Alternative OW) by ssinco- Robberies around Four Corners lead to the discovery of an unexpected thief and more trouble than Chris, Ezra, Vin, Nathan, and Josiah ever expected.
TO BE WHOLE AGAIN  (OW) by Jackie- Someone is out to kill Chris Larabee and in doing so resurrect the demons from his past.
TO REMEMBER  (OW) by LaraMee- A short piece, pure schmaltz, based on the comments Chris made to Buck in Vendetta.
TO THOSE WHO WAIT  (ATF) by Jackie- Chris Larabee strives to find happiness again in the midst of turmoil and frustration.
TOOTH AND NAIL  (ATF AU) by Sarah- How did Ezra come to have a gold tooth?
TRANSFERRED  (The Firm AU) by Winnie. This is in response to Anne’s challenge to write a Chris-lessVin fic.
UNFORGETTABLE  (The Firm) by Winnie- Chris remembers his and Sarah's first anniversary. (ADULT FICTION)
UNWANTED ATTENTION (Firm Universe) by Winnie.
WAGES OF SIN  (OW) by Maggie LeMay- When an old flame comes to town Ezra is forced to face not only his own past but hers as well... Can he survive it?
WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE?  (ATF AU) by Kate Standish- ATF AU - Vin surprises Ezra in a big way. Kate's very first fic!
WHAT'S A STORY AMONG FRIENDS (OW) by Jackie - Buck's telling tall tales or is he?  Written for Round 2 of the DW Mag7 Daybook Bingo – Prompt “Tall Tales.”
WHEN THE SUN COMES BACK (OW) by Winnie. Chris, Vin, JD, and Nathan are captured by a Don and forced to work on his hacienda.
WHERE THE HEART LIES (OW) by Jeanette Alice Ann- Ezra's past catches up with him but will he realise it too late?

WINNER TAKES IT ALL (The Firm) by Winnie- A bet is fun between friends.


NEW BEGINNINGS by Winnie- Stargate Atlantis/Aliens Crossver. Winnie has opened this new AU to authors who wish to play in it!
PROMISES TO KEEP by Winnie- John must face three enemies while trying to keep his promise to Rodney and his team.
THE ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA by Jordan McKenzie- A character study. Teyla makes an interesting observation about the chaos which is Rodney McKay. Minor injuries for both McKay and Sheppard.

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ONE OF OUR OWN by Winnie-  Someone with a grudge against Rossi looks for revenge through Hotchner.

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