I am the trustworthy companion who provides solace and entertainment to the poetic tracker named Vin Tanner.  His rough-worn hands tenderly hold me like a prayer as his firm lips softly brush against me as a familiar lover would do.  When his warm breath moves over me . . . through me, I quiver.  He coaxes a whispering harmony from me as he stands vigilant during his night watch.  Some would say I'm just a silly toy but to him, I am more.  I provide comfort in a time of need.  I am his friend.


by Lisa (vinthing)






I am his prized possession, a means of entertainment and a source of earning valuable income.  Kept securely in his vest pocket and ever close by, I am frequently used for his delight and enjoyment.  I look forward to the times when I am pulled out and his fingers whisper across me in the softest of caresses as he amuses himself or others with tricks or to entice opponents into a 'game of chance.'  When finished, I am tucked safely away with lingering fingers causing me to eagerly yearn for his attention again.


by Lisa (vinthing)






I hug his lean, muscular body like a second skin, keeping him toasty warm from the rain and cold. Some would say I'm just a pair of red long johns or a "union suit" but I'm so much more.  What they don't know is the women love me. I'm his secret weapon, his ace in the hole, his trump card.  Just one look at me and the ladies go wild with desire, eager to remove me to get to HIM.  He thinks it's his animal magnetism that attracts the ladies but really it's me . . . the "union suit."


by Lisa (vinthing)






Just a tin star some would say but my owner would disagree.  To him it is a badge of honor . . . a symbol that earns respect as well as ridicule.  Danger awaits any who wears it and many have fallen because of the duties it entails.  Only the truly courageous take on the responsibility.  Few would have suspected a young kid—a greenhorn—would step up to the challenge but he did.  Brave, heroic, and fearless he most certainly is.  Sheriff JD Dunne is his name.  More than a tin star yes indeed.


by Lisa (vinthing)







I am a heartfelt gift from a dying father to his son, handmade with love.  I might not have a monetary value but I'm considered his most treasured possession.  A link to his family and his painful past, I'm a reminder of where he came from and a parent's never-ending love and devotion.  I'm strong and dependable just like my owner, Nathan Jackson.  With me, he rides into battle with his magnificent band of brothers ready to fight evil and protect the innocent.  And to me, he clings with the knowledge he has again found a place to call home.


by Lisa (vinthing)