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THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - A direct link to Jordan's page.

Gamblers and Gunfighters - A Magnificent Seven group. Originally set up as a place to chat for those who couldn't get enough of their favorite lawmen, this group has grown into so much more. Not only is it a place to share ideas, photos and fics but it's a virtual recreation of the old west.

On Your Horses, Boys - Jordan's livejournal.

This is My Life - Maggie LeMay's livejournal.

LaraMee's Lair - Magnificent fiction and collages created by LaraMee.

Judy's Home Page - JudyL's fanfic site.

Lady Angel's Library of Magnificent Seven FanFiction - A library dedicated to Magnificent Seven Fiction.


The Defiant Ones - A group for fans of SGA's John Sheppard and Rodney McKay.

Gateworld - A terrific lifeline to the show.


Magnificent Trivia - The best place to learn about the Magnificent Seven.

ATF/AU - MOG's wonderful alternate universe for the Magnificent Seven.

The Phrase Finder - Meanings/origins of phrases and sayings.

PLAYGROUNDS FOR YOUR MUSE -  Exquisite oil paintings by Amanda (Carder) Lovett, the contributing artist to this site. Her original oil paintings, as well as prints and cards, can be viewed and purchased from the website. - This site belongs to the lovely painter who took my website's main pages, scrubbed them down with a brush and a bit of turpentine and fashioned them into a sparkling new look. Thanks ever so much, Teresa!


Armuchee and Beyond - A new blog about life in the South! Contributors are welcome.

Polar Bears International
-  Conservation through research, stewardship and education. (In support of my animal spirit yo-na u-ne-ga.)

World Wildlife Federation - The world's leading conservation oganization.

Best Friends Animal Society -  Best Friends Animal Society is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to animals builds a better world for us all.

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